Lawn Care Tips

Watering Tips

Watering your lawn less can actually make it healthier!

Your Florida lawn probably doesn’t need as much water as you think.  By watering your lawn only when it needs it your lawn will develop a deep root system.  A deep root system enables your lawn to withstand drought stress and it will also be less susceptible to pests and disease.

For full sun installations, the 1st 2 weeks, you must water your sod daily (1 hour before sunrise).

Visit the Southwest Water Management District website for water restrictions specific to your area.

For the 3RD and 4TH week, you must water your sod every other day (1 hour before sunrise).

Notice! *For shade areas ONLY for the 1st two weeks you must water your sod daily ( 20min once a day before sunrise).

For the 3rd and 4th week, you must water your sod every other day (20 min once a day before sunrise).

Mowing Tips

Mow your lawn early, often, and set your mower on it’s highest setting.

For the best possible lawn, mow early (in the morning, after dew has dried on grass) and often (once a week is best, every two weeks will do). Grasses stay healthy when only a third of new growth is removed at any given time. So mow “high”: i.e., don’t scalp your grass.

Lawn mowing should be done when the grass is dry. You might slip on wet grass, and soggy clippings will clump and clog. Cutting damp grass also leaves it vulnerable to fungal diseases.

When lawn mowing a sloping area, always mow across the slope, not up and down, to prevent accidents. The exception to this is when you’re using a riding lawnmower then you must mow up and down the slope, to prevent the riding lawnmower from tipping over.

Try not to mow your lawn in the same direction every time. When you mow in the same direction all the time you can compact the soil into actual ruts. Plus, grass leans and grows in the direction it has been mowed. By mowing in a different direction each time, you will help the grass grow more upright and avoid developing ruts in your soil that in some cases are quite visible.

Sod Care Tips

For new sod, you must water it twice a day for the first two weeks.

For new sod, you need to water it twice daily for the first two weeks. Once about an hour before sunrise and once an hour after sunset. If your sod is in a shady area though, you only need to water it for 20 minutes, once a day before sunrise.

For the third and fourth week, you only need to water your sod for 20 minutes, every other day, just before sunrise.

Prepare yourself ahead of time. Once your lawn has taken root and has been cut it is susceptible to pests, fungus and disease. It will also need to be fertilized. Call the Experts at OB Lawn Care to keep your sod healthy.

Do not cut your lawn for the first two weeks! Once you are ready to cut it, don’t cut it less than 3 1/2 inches the first time. You may then cut your lawn every two weeks.

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