Common Chickweed (Stellarioa media)

Common Chickweed (Stellarioa media)

Common chickweed is a very common weed. It is extremely variable in its appearance, but generally it has a very slender tap root and greatly branching leafy stems, which lie along the ground. The lower leaves vary in size from 3 to 20 mm in length, they are oval in shape and have long stalks; the upper leaves tend to be larger (up to 25 mm in length) and lack stalks. Many small, white flowers are produced; the stamens have reddish-violet anthers.

Structure: Low-growing

Life Cycle: Cool season annual, disappears in heat

What To Look For: Broad oval pointed smooth leaves with star-shaped white blossoms

Growth Period: Cool, moist weather – disappears under high-temperature stress, seeds germinate from late fall to early spring