Corn Speedwell (Veronica arvensis)

Corn Speedwell (Veronica arvensis)

Corn Speedwell is one of several annual Veronica spp. (Speedwell species) that have been introduced from Europe. They are usually very weedy species. Because Corn Speedwell is small and not very showy, it is easy to overlook. The flowers are a lovely shade of blue-violet or blue, but they are very small in size and short-lived. Corn Speedwell can be distinguished from other similar species by its nearly sessile flowers and seed capsules, and the narrow alternate leaves (or leafy bracts) along the upper two-thirds of its stems. Its flowers are usually a deeper shade of blue than those of similar species. Another common name of Veronica arvensis is Field Speedwell.

Structure: Low-growing at first, upright as it matures

Life Cycle: Winter annual

What To Look For: Distinctive heart-shaped seedpods along stem below flowers

Growth Period: Winter and early spring will die in high temperature