Sod Webworms


Small beige adult webworm moths start flying over lawn areas during early summer (year-round in Florida) usually at dusk, depositing eggs which hatch in 7 to 14 days. The tan to gray caterpillars have dark, circular spots over their bodies. The larvae build tunnels in the thatch and feed on grass stems and leaves at night. Spotty, brown damaged areas where grass is easily pulled up above the soil and birds feeding are two signs of the sod webworms. Green pellets or “frass” in the thatch also may indicate webworm activity.

Sod Webworm Larva and Frass
Tropical Sod Webworm Adult
Tropical Sod Webworm and Frass
Sod Webworm Damage on Green
Teteralla Sod Webworm Adult